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Oviseo is being used by webshops, bloggers, social media users, seo experts and marketing companies. Oviseo suits both starting and large companies by offering precise and relevant information while keeping the costs to an absolute minimum. Click here to view our demo version, to discover the possibilities of our panel.

Why Oviseo?

Save time and money by being able to directly see and track the most relevant information regarding your company’s online presence. Oviseo is the number one tool to improve your website in relation to your competition. We offer a free trial with no strings attached, so you can test our features for free.

How does it work?

Within minutes Oviseo will discover and analyse potential competitors, your website’s social media mentions, (potential) backlinks and keyword positions. All essential information will be tracked on one single panel. Oviseo offers a weekly summary with the most important changes regarding your company’s online presence, helping you to maximise your results while spending a minimal amount of time.


  • 3 Projects
  • 25 Competitors
  • 100 Keywords


  • 10 Projects
  • 150 Competitors
  • 500 Keywords


  • 25 Projects
  • 500 Competitors
  • 2500 Keywords


  • 100 Projects
  • 2000 Competitors
  • 7500 Keywords

“Thanks to Oviseo I spared hours improving my online presence.”

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  • Keyword ranking tracker
  • Discover & analyse competitors
  • Dominate social media
  • Analyse and improve backlinks
  • Weekly reports
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User experiences

Oviseo helps me to keep track of the effectiveness of my SEO campaigns and to improve my online presence, by presenting me data in a very comprehensible way. Moreover, due to insight Oviseo gives me in the entire market, I am able to out-compete my competitors.
Larry, Promoleon
Keeping track of the keyword positions and backlinks of all my websites became unfeasible as my company kept growing. Instead of getting headaches of collecting this data manually, I can now focus on growth and customers again.
John, Nexus6kopen
Oviseo gives me insight in the possibilities of expanding my business. The data is very accurate and is displayed in a very comprehensible manner. The panel is fun, easy to use and above all: it has saved me loads of time.
Linda, Deranova