Search engine optimization (SEO) often proves to be incredibly expensive, while much of the work takes little effort and shouldn’t be expensive. The panel of Oviseo provides the tools and data to check the position of your website in Google’s search results yourself. What makes Oviseo so special is the targeted method to improve your visibility. Due to our competition analysis, you can instantly see the strengths and weaknesses of your sites and the sites of your competitors.
Oviseo makes search engine optimization extremely easy. By giving all data of your website clearly and compare it with those of your competitors, you can immediately see what your problems and opportunities are. That’s why you can focus on solving problems, which saves you a lot of time, but also quite a lot of money because you don’t have to outsource SEO to third parties.
Unfortunately, we can’t offer Oviseo for free. Collecting, calculating and processing all data requires a lot of server capacity, which is why we need to ask a monthly fee.

Oviseo shareS this data because we believe that SEO should be accessible to everyone, not just for the largest companies. Our team consists out of individuals, each with many years of SEO experience. In the past, we’ve found out well-executed SEO is reserved for only a few companies, because there were no systems in place at the time to make SEO much easier and clearer.

Please feel free contact us! We are pleased with feedback and appreciate your concern very much. You can contact us via [email protected]

Although Oviseo collects lots of data on your competitors and displays most essential data, Oviseo is not illegal. The data collected by Oviseo is in fact derived from public sources.

Oviseo is precisely suited for websites that want to focus on the international market. Especially abroad, competition analysis can be really hard. Oviseo works worldwide and saves a lot of time when you expand your website across your borders.

You can cancel your subscription daily. A subscription by direct debit can be terminated through the user panel under “User”. We would appreciate if you specify a reason for canceling your subscription, so we can improve our service wherever possible for future clients.

We use public data and do not share user data with third parties. We cannot share the data and information gathered by one of our customers, even when it’s about your own site.
If you outsource SEO to a third party, Oviseo may prove very useful to you! Thanks to Oviseo, you have 24/7 insight into new backlinks and changes concerning the position of your websites in Google’s search results. That’s how you remain an independent third party, and you can manually estimate the effectiveness of your outsourced SEO.