Set up your first campaign

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Need to update your subscription or your account settins? In the dropdown at the top right corner you’ll find everything you need. Go to ‘My subscription’ to upgrade or cancel your subscription, to update your personal information or to access your invoices. Your email and password can be changed in respectively ‘New email’ and ‘New password’. Yeah, we […]


No action required! Our system will automatically start crawling backlinks when you’ve entered your websites and keywords.


The last step is to add your social media accounts. The Social Media stream supports Facebook and Twitter. Further analytics are based on how much your URL is mentioned and also include Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus. To add a Facebook account, enter your account name, which you can find in the bold part of […]


After you have created your first projects, you are able to add your competitors. You might as well return to this step later: when you’ve entered keywords in the following step, our crawlers will start collecting data and deliver competitor suggestions, which will be displayed on this page.


Getting set up with Oviseo is pretty easy. When you log in, you will see an overview of all your created projects and a summary of their data. To create a new project, fill in your website URL and click ‘Add Website.’ When you’ve added a new website, you’ll automatically jump to the competition section.


The next step is to enter the keywords that you want to analyze and select the correct language. The language you select corresponds to the language of the search engine in which your keywords are analyzed.